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ImageSMART is an international operation an offers a wide range of financial services. Our aim is to make any financial transaction as smoothly, efficiently and quickly as possible. As well as standard financial transactions we can also perform specialist financial services such as VAT reclamation. We can also tailor any of our financial services specifically to your needs.

Our range of services include the following:

  • Immediate Worldwide Payments – We can arrange a payment of any amount to your employees, wherever they may be. Payments can be made immediately in cash or transferred direct to an account within 48 hours.
  • Assistance with Bank Accounts – We can assist with the opening of bank accounts suitable for your employees and their needs.
  • Payment Schedules – we can arrange regular payments on a timely basis to your employees for however long they need the financial support.
  • Expense Payments – These can be made in accordance with your company policy. We will receive all expenses, filter them according to your policy, and either reimburse to your employee or return them with a reason for the non-reimbursement. 
  • Third Party Payments – We can make payments direct to third parties on behalf of you or your employees. Such payments can include payments to landlords who prefer to deal with corporations rather than individuals who have no history in the country they are in. We can also deal with payments such as Council Tax where local knowledge is essential. Our service is also valuable in medical emergencies where payment has to be guaranteed before treatment commences.
  • Training Course Payments – We will pay course provider fees directly, releasing payments in managed stages ensuring that the course lives up to expectations and delivers on all of the key aspects.
  • VAT Reclamation – We can reclaim the VAT on any courses sourced, booked and managed through us ensuring that you only pay the cost of the course.

ImageWe endeavour to take the responsibility of ensuring that any financial transaction you want to make and can be safe in the knowledge that we will provide a first class service with your needs paramount.