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ImageSMART Specialists have 100 years of collective experience in education and in educational support. We know that it if you want to achieve real success in your training objectives that it takes more than just a good course. You, or your students need to have a great course, but you also needs a safe and comfortable living environment, access to top quality study facilities, immediate medical care, schools for your children and activities for you wife or partner. SMART will ensure that you have all of this and more.

Leaning to live in a new country and starting a course of study is very demanding. SMART will deal with all of the daily domestic issues that can be a worry and distraction to an International student.

ImageWe offer full support on all types on accommodation, leases, rent deposits and complex contracts. We can rent you a flat, find a Hotel or advise on a 12 month lease. Even opening a bank account, or starting a savings account is not straightforward, but we can help you quickly and simply.  If you have brought your family with you, you may wish to register your children for school or place your wife into a course, if so we can help you. The US and Canadian system for medical treatment can be confusing, and NHS regulations in the UK change from one area to another, and are different between England and Scotland. We are experts in this field and we will find the treatment or medicine you need, either privately or via the NHS if you are eligible. Council tax regulations are highly complex and are not uniform throughout the UK. Utility bills, setting up an Internet connection, getting visitors visas so you can invite members of your family to visit you, in fact there are hundreds of small things that SMART can do to make your overseas trip an enjoyable experience.

SMART can provide expert local knowledge on any aspect of life overseas. We are here to help and support you every step of the way, and to make it easier for you to concentrate of your course or project and achieve your goals without the worry and stress of finding your way around the administration of a country which is new to you.

SMART can do this for you.