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ImageOur team of experienced staff know that despite planning, organisation and careful administration, critical situations and emergencies occur. These require immediate action and intervention, which is often impossible from a distance. Many of these emergencies will happen outside normal office hours. You need to know that if a serious problem happens to any of your employees, SMART will have a member of staff ‘on the spot’ to provide help, support and disaster recovery. SMART offers a GOLD service package, which gives constant access to SMART staff at any time of night and day. Your staff can feel secure in the knowledge that they are not alone overseas, and they have access to immediate help if anything goes wrong.


SMART can provide an emergency response facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year.


SMART has experience in handling many types of emergency. The following are some examples: -


Late notification of arrival of employee/executive
SMART can arrange an airport greeting service in any UK airport, and most overseas with only 60 minutes notice.


Late night arrival, with no Hotel booking
SMART can arrange for a Hotel in any UK city, and most overseas with only 60 minutes notice.


Medical Emergency or Serious illness
From Accident and Emergency, SMART will arrange for an immediate appointment at a private doctor or hospital. Normal appointments with private doctors usually arranged within 24 hours.


Death of a relative in home country
SMART will arrange immediate repatriation, on next available flight, which will include transportation, visa approval, family support etc.


Detention or arrest by local police
SMART treat all candidates in this situation as innocent unless proved guilty, and will make strenuous efforts to secure the candidates release on bail, find a top level lawyer, make personal representations to the authorities and where possible, act as a character witness in any trial etc.


Refusal of Visa/Extension, removal of passport or detention by the Immigration authorities
SMART will intercede on behalf of the candidate, make representations to the Home Office or Immigration authorities and resolve the problem.


Delayed flights/ Missed connections
SMART will arrange alternative flights and Hotel accommodation until it is possible to travel.


Disputes with Landlords/ eviction
SMART will negotiate on behalf of the employee with landlords and mediate where possible and within the legal framework of the situation. Alternative temporary accommodation can be located.


Death/injury to ex-patriot staff overseas
Immediate notification to the family and authorities, and close liaison with family members to ensure the swift and efficient return of the deceased. All insurance and official documents processed.


Arrival overseas with no money
SMART can transfer money to any location worldwide within the space of a normal business day. Emergency cash payments are available, out of hours, in some locations.


Lost or stolen passport/tickets/money
SMART will arrange replacement air tickets, money or even passports. Assistance given with preparation of police reports, insurance claims, alternative accommodation and any other support is given, as required.