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ImageBusiness Visas

Supporting documentation and assistance with the application process will be arranged for applicants who wish to attend meetings with SMART personnel or who wish SMART to sponsor their business visit overseas.


Transit Visas

SMART will apply for, and arrange a transit visa for  you or your candidates where you/ they need to travel through a country which requires this formality.


Family Visas

Students attending SMART courses will be assisted with their entry visa. This assistance will also include the wife/husband and children of the applicant. Assistance with visas for additional family members who may wish a vacation visit to the candidates can also be arranged, see Visitors Visas.


Visitors Visas

SMART will provide supporting documentation and invitation letters to applicants who wish to apply for vacation visits overseas, under SMART sponsorship.


Student Visa

SMART have extensive experience in the application and authorisation process for  student visas. We offer this service on a worldwide  basis, but we have particular expertise in the UK, Europe, Middle East, the USA and Canada. We have been assisting and supporting student visa applications for many years and can arrange University or College acceptance letters, manufacturers invitation letters and confirmation of sponsorship letters from SMART for all our candidates. We will deal with all paperwork and backup documentation for the initial visa application and  prepare applications for visa extensions where necessary.


Work Permit & Experience Permits

SMART Home Office, Visas and Immigration experts can apply for a work or experience permits, depending on your eligibility on your behalf, and follow up its processing.

ImageWorldwide Visa Applications

will apply, follow-up and process your visa requirements as needed.  We are able to assist with visa formalities for most countries of the world and are able to offer our customers a complete visa service for any national wishing to travel to any country.  SMART will obtain travel visas for British and Foreign nationals, for Business, Student, and Medical requirements.

Highly Skilled Migrant Programmes

The programme is designed to allow highly skilled people to migrate to the United Kingdom to look for work or self-employment opportunities. The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme is different from the work permit arrangements because you do not need a specific job offer in the UK to apply. It is different from business routes such as the Innovators scheme because you do not need a detailed business plan; you do not need to create jobs; and you do not need to invest in the UK.  We can advise assist you complete and submit your application to the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other selected locations.

Visa extensions

Immigration experts will apply to the Home Office to extend your resident visa.  We offer our customers a complete visa service for any national wishing to extend their stay in the United Kingdom, whether for Business, Study, or Medical purposes.

Home Office Admin

Home Office Admin: SMART has a long history of working with the Home Office, and can deal with the many complexities that may occur. SMART can handle all documents and data for the extension and support of medical visas, and we also specialise in student, and student dependant visas. SMART will ensure that all  changes of immigration or study status is confirmed correctly  to the Home Office

Baby registrations & translation

SMART Immigration experts offer a total consular service, we are able to register your newborn children in your passport and follow up all procedures with your relevant Embassy.

Lost and stolen passport formalities.

SMART Immigration experts will provide information and support on emergency travel documentation applications, police reporting and passport replacements, including the follow up of lost, damaged or stolen passport with the local police and Embassies.

Legalisation  (Notary Public & Foreign Office)

SMART will provide a fast, reliable and efficient legalisation and notarisation service including legalisation at the Foreign and Commonwealth office

Certification & legalisation of documents

SMART will provide a certification & legalisation service at foreign Embassies and Consulates of all documents, including legalisation at the Foreign and Commonwealth office


SMART is able to provide you with expert certified translators and interpreters for any language.  Our interpreters are able to accompany you on all your medical appointments as well as providing a translation of the medical reports that follow.

ImageEntry Visa, resolve problems, appeals

Immigration experts will resolve any immigration and entry difficulties including passport discrepancies and challenge by immigration by point of entry where documentary proof of purpose is required.

Translation of personal data in passports

Certain Embassies require the translation of personal data into the language of the country you are visiting, SMART staff will arrange for the translation of any required data in your passport prior to submission for visa.