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Academic Support
Training students overseas is a highly effective development tool for any industry. Overseas placements add diversity, excellent academic development, international qualifications, and is a very significant motivator in the workplace. SMART-LIBYA will ensure that you as an individual, or employer gain the maximum benefit for your investment. We can help to select the right course, negotiate cost savings, support you or your delegate all the way, so that they never feel isolated or lost in a new environment. We will deal with all domestic issues so that the delegate can concentrate on their studies. SMART-LIBYA support for your delegate will lead to success.

Quality Control of Courses
SMART-LIBYA maintains a Register of Quality Training Providers and undertakes to assess any organisation for a client. Any course recommended by SMART-LIBYA will be quality tested in advance, using clear criteria which has been in successful operation for many years.

Progress reports
Most employers require regular progress reports on their trainees. SMART-LIBYA will ensure that progress reports are prepared on your delegates and will follow up on all action points, assisting students and participants to achieve their academic goals.

Attendance Monitoring
If requested, SMART will arrange for regular attendance reports to be prepared for sponsors or parents. These can be supplied on a weekly, monthly or semester basis. SMART-LIBYA will follow up on cases of unexplained absence, and ensure that their candidate is well, and take any action you wish to monitor  a candidate with unacceptable attendance. Action will be taken to assist the trainee, e.g. candidates who are struggling academically can be assisted and even transferred to a curse at a slightly lower level.

CV Preparation
SMART-LIBYA will assist in the preparation of student’s c.v. This may be to apply for a new appointment or to present to University to support a Masters degree or PhD application. SMART knows exactly what a University is seeking, and can assist you to gain acceptance, even in the most competitive environment.


Application Forms
Formal applications for courses at Colleges, Universities and other institutions can be very daunting for an overseas national. It is essential that official forms are filled in correctly and neatly. Decisions are often highly influenced by the presentation of the information in application forms. SMART-LIBYA  provides a  highly professional service  and we will make sure that your application reflects the best of your ability and experience.


English language, Cambridge, IELTS & TOEFL
SMART-LIBYA has extensive experience in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, and of the internationally recognised examinations which are available. SMART has expert knowledge of all Cambridge Exams, IELTS & TOEFL. More importantly, after testing, we know exactly how many weeks of study you or your candidate will need in order to achieve and meet the required standard of IELTS or TOEFL. SMART-LIBYA staff are well known to all UK Universities and to most in the US & Canada and we know the acceptance levels and can target the application process of your study.  We have placed students in English language colleges throughout the world and using this experience we can achieve the necessary entry requirements for the next stage of your study.


Visits to Trainees on course
Trainees who are a long way from home can often feel isolated, or find they have no one to share their worries about their study or even their normal domestic life. SMART-LIBYA is highly mobile and can quickly arrange a visit to any part of the world to support, counsel or resolve any difficulties that your students may encounter. SMART-LIBYA can also provide visits to trainees on an emergency basis, as necessary.

Course Switching
In some cases, a trainee or group of students will find themselves on a course which is not right for them. This could be because the subject is not as expected, or the course level is set too high, or too low. In extreme cases, the student finds they cannot work with the tutor they have been allocated. In such cases, we never expect a trainee to abandon their studies. SMART-LIBYA will locate an alternative course, or a new tutor, or a more challenging course etc. In short, SMART-LIBYA will find an acceptable solution to any academic or course related problem.


Authentication of Certificates:
SMART-LIBYA  will routinely arrange for candidates who achieve certificates in the UK to have them authenticated, stamped and verified. This is done through our experienced staff working with the Foreign Office and the Embassy from the candidate’s home country. SMART-LIBYA can also arrange for the verification of certificates / qualifications for any person you may wish to employ.


Assessment of qualifications:
SMART-LIBYA will be pleased to assist in the assessment and comparison of international qualifications. In particular, SMART-LIBYA will assess standards between different countries and, as an example, will advise at what level a high school graduate from one country can enter University in another country.