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Business Visa Processing
SMART will apply, follow-up and process your visa requirements as needed.  We are able to assist with visa formalities for most countries of the world and are able to offer our customers a complete visa service for any national wishing to travel to any country.  SMART will obtain travel visas for British and Foreign nationals, for Business, Student, and Medical requirements.

Medical Screening

SMART can arrange a comprehensive range of tests and provide a range of simple clinical diagnostic facilities in order to assist in the early diagnosis of significant diseases as we are conveniently located amidst the leading medical professionals of Harley Street in the heart of London.


Specialist medical care for Executives

SMART is ideally located amidst the leading medical professionals of Harley Street, London and offers the widest range of health care in the UK, whether unique diagnostic clinics or therapeutic, including pre and post surgery.  We operate with a network comprising top professional medical Consultants and Surgeons who provide you with the peace of mind that comes with direct access to prominent specialists in UK and Europe.


Chauffeur Service

SMART is able to provide you the ultimate professional chauffeur service.  Our tailor-made service is truly unique and as you would expect, your individual requirements are paramount.


Worldwide Travel Administration

SMART’s extensive travel database of Airlines and specialists Travel Agencies provides you with a first-class travel service to and from any destination in the world.


Provision of Mobile Phones

SMART is able to provide you with a local U.K. mobile phone for your business and private use during your visit, as we understand the need to stay connected.

Central London City Apartments

SMART has extensive network provides access to thousands of luxury apartments anywhere in the world, whether short or long term. 


International VIP Hotel Booking

SMART is connected with major hotels around the world and can provide you with a hotel booking service.  Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, we will find a suitable accommodation to cater for your needs.


Children’s English Language Schooling

SMART expert Training Consultants can offer your children a range of English language courses of any length, from basic, intermediate or advanced, including summer boarding schools from age 7 onwards.


Technical Medical translation/interpretation

SMART is able to provide you with expert certified translators and interpreters for any language.  Our interpreters are able to accompany you on all your medical appointments as well as providing a translation of the medical reports that follow including official legalisation and notarization at the Foreign Office and Embassies.


Conference Organisation

We will organize and facilitate any conference registration you wish to attend both in the UK and Worldwide. We will arrange local visas and accommodation as necessary and arrange transportation from your arrival airport.

Corporate Hospitality / Events

SMART is dedicated to sourcing and providing the finest Corporate Hospitality, throughout the UK and Overseas.  If you need to arrange a corporate or personal event we would be delighted to source any additional product tailored to your individual request.


Meeting Rooms

SMART  can offer you modern business offices and meeting rooms any where in the world.  We will also provide executive and administrative support to give you a successful meeting.