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ImageSMART Directors have extensive experience in Project and Business Management and will provide you with an independent overview, which our clients find invaluable. Our Project Management capability can add significant value to our customers as we have proven experience of developing and managing projects for our international clients.

SMART can manage a wide variety of projects including:

  • New Business Development.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Process Management.
  • Change Control.
  • Technological Projects.



We can help you develop programmes with varying degrees of complexity and scale based on your business needs. This capability will provide essential support to businesses of all sizes in order to plan, design, implement and manage projects.

Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge of SMART’s team of academic and technical specialists providing extra resources when you need them. SMART will implement your requirements of budget and strict deadlines.  SMART and our experienced team of local staff are committed to the pragmatic, trustworthy and cost effective success of your project.  Together we will achieve your business objectives.  

ImageWe offer support in solving simple day to day problems up to major crisis management.  Similarly you may have a specific project that you need expert help and advice with.  We can provide project leadership and support for the lifetime of any contract.  We provide reliable and independent staff ‘on the spot’ to administer, trouble-shoot and support the many aspects of your HR and Engineering projects.  

We provide and develop as follows:

  • Ideas or initial business need.
  • Identify and set up project team.
  • Develop initial project concept.
  • Undertake research and development activity.
  • Target benchmarking.
  • Quality assessment process.
  • Change control procedures.
  • Develop business case.
  • Project implementation.
  • Review project and handover.
  • Statement of works or development planning
ImageDeploying SMART’s capability in your business will give you the following benefits:

  • Expertise – utilise our team of technical specialists.
  • Insight – our external perspective gives added value to your business.
  • Methodology – structured approach will develop a high quality project
  • Timeline – project delivered to specified deadlines.
  • Cost – projects based on activity or fixed cost.
  • Productivity – organisation can focus on daily business rather than manage project
  • Resources – Maximum effort to ensure your business objectives.

SMART personnel specialise in providing a reliable, independent and trustworthy service to international clients, who view SMART personnel as an extension of their own staff.