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SMART personnel have, over the last 5 years, managed on average 900 contracts per year, approximate value of $25m. per year, ranging from straightforward projects of less than $5k up to high value long term,  contracts with multiple contractors/subcontractors.

ImageSMART are available to provide assistance in any part of the process, from the initial assessment of potential contract providers to project completion, hand over and maintenance periods. We are willing to lend support to projects in progress, and will even consider support for projects in difficulties, where SMART will aim to mediate and provide solutions.

We start by working with clients to ensure we are fully briefed on what the client wants. From this we will set the project parameters, under key headings:



  • Service level management
  • Set quality standards
  • Benchmarking
  • Risk and safety assessment
  • Budgeting
  • Business continuity
  • Chain of command – handling problems
  • Change control
  • Management reporting
  • Asset management
  • Quality standards
  • Contract maintenance
  • Achieving targets and deadlines

ImageAll projects require the successful combination of three key elements in order to succeed:

  • Service delivery management
    Making sure that what is ordered is actually delivered and managing risk.
  • Relationship management
    Knowing and working to ensure the business relationships between all parties continues in full co-operation.
  • Contract administration
    The formal control of the contract, budget and change control are the essential ingredients.

SMART staff will ensure that excellent planning and a full knowledge of client requirements are the foundations of every project.  We build in a high level of flexibility to ensure that change can be accommodated where necessary, as we know that it will always be necessary to make modifications. The control of documentation is a SMART speciality.

ImageThe SMART team is your professional and reliable partner who will provide advice and support to your organizations, whether on site or alternatively to liaise between the supplier/contractor anywhere in the world.