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SMART have had many years experience in assessing the provision of training for top-level clients throughout the world.  We take the assessment of providers very seriously and take extensive measures to ensure all SMART approved training is of the highest quality. We regularly review and assess course providers’ work to ensure the integrity and quality of their course, and must be satisfied of this quality before we would consider recommending them to our clients.


SMART has local clients from overseas and despite the availability if data via the Internet, a true evaluation cannot be made without either local knowledge or a SMART assessment visit.  If you request an assessment by SMART, who are an experienced local organisation, can give you comprehensive details of the school/college/university or training provider, but much more than this. SMART will give you details of the course levels against internationally recognised standards (ISO/British Safety Council, Partners in Training), in addition to levels of English required, background and experience of teachers, available facilities, standard of classrooms and equipment, type of international qualifications available etc.


ImageSMART will also give you a detailed report about the town or city of study, with details of housing costs, amenities, health care provision, transportation from airport, local crime statistics, and we can locate other specific information as requested by a client.


SMART are happy to independently assess any provider that you would like further details on. We would do this on your behalf by arranging a visit to the premises, reviewing teaching and training facilities and interviewing staff. We would then provide you with an informative report on whether the provider is suitable to your needs. Alternative providers can be given for comparison purposes, and this process can be arranged on a worldwide basis.