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ImageMost international students are delighted to have the opportunity to study abroad and begin their programme with great enthusiasm. SMART is available to help with all domestic support issues, but can contribute so much more to make each programme a success.


As a parent or employer, you will have invested a considerable amount of both time & money into the development of your candidate by sending them abroad to study. You need to know that your investment will be worthwhile, and the best possible way to ensure this, is to provide your candidate with full help and support while he is studying. SMART takes the stress out of daily life by managing financial & administrative matters for your delegate.


Even the best of international students will find the early part of their time abroad confusing and settling down personally and academically can take time. Worries over English language ability, meeting the requirements of the course or professor will often add stress to the student, particularly if they have been out of full time education for some years. Some candidates will struggle to keep up with a course, others may find that they are over qualified for a course and need a higher level. SMART are experienced professionals and will work with your student and you to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you get best value both academically and financially from your investment in Training & Education.


SMARTS support for academic performance providers 2 key benefits:

  1. ImageSMART will work with the student, check if they are coping with the language requirement, check if they have the IT skills needed for the course etc. and if not SMART will take action to set up additional English classes or any type of remedial tuition to ensure the candidate can progress to successfully complete the course. Regular follow up between SMART and instructors / professors provides an immense  support to the student to achieve his goals.

  2. SMART will also interface with the employer or parent to provide regular academic reports on the progress each student is making. From this you will be able to monitor any problems, identify areas for change or development early, and through SMART make any necessary changes to the programme.

SMART sponsored students are never alone.  We will work in partnership with you and your students to guide them to achieve their objectives.