Finance Services

Recovery of VAT

In the UK VAT is chargeable at 17.5% on top of the total payment. VAT is not charged on all training courses, and we at SMART are in a unique position to help you to recover VAT, which you are obliged to pay. Our specialist knowledge of VAT legislation can guide and support you, but more importantly we can recover all the VAT costs on courses booked and paid for through SMART. We can also act on your behalf to recover VAT on other services you have used in the UK.


Bank account management & setup

SMART personnel have specialist knowledge and good working relationship with major banks.  We can offer assistance in the complicated process to open a bank account and advise on which account would be suitable for individual needs.


Per diem, cash, allowance payments

A payment of any pre authorised amount can be made within 48 hours by any method required, i.e. electronic transfers, money transfer or in urgent cases transfers can be done in less than an hour by Western Union or even a cash payment delivered to your Hotel or office.


Processing all eligible expenses

Our staff have extensive experience in processing all eligible expenses. You, as our client will set the criteria on what level of cover you require.   We will provide a filtering service for all expenses, and follow your personal instructions or your company policy to reimburse where applicable or rejecting non-applicable expenses with a written explanation as to why the expense was rejected. SMART are experienced professionals in this area and full documentary backup is always available and provided for the client’s records.


Worldwide Payments

Payments can be made worldwide within 24 hours of receiving the instruction.  We will ensure none of your employees or executives are stranded overseas without funds.


Invoice Processing – stage payments

SMART can support you by paying tuition fees to course providers on your behalf. Many providers are very comfortable to have payments made through a UK company and in doing so we will negotiate the contract with course providers for stage payments, if appropriate. This process aids cash flow for you, and keeps providers focused on achieving the success of the course, knowing that the final payment is made on satisfactory completion of the course. From past experience we know that this ensures that we obtain the best possible service from providers.


Payment to third parties for Medical treatment

Where costs are too great for an employee to cover from their salary, SMART can provide a direct payment to any organisation on their behalf. This is particularly relevant in medical cases where payment is almost certainly required before treatment can commence. SMART is known to all major private hospitals in the UK, and because of this, and our personal reputation, we can usually agree for treatment to proceed on the basis of a faxed instruction. Treatment is available in the fastest possible time.


Council Tax

All UK properties and their inhabitants are required to pay Council Tax. Some individuals on certain types of courses are exempt or can obtain a discount. SMART are highly experienced in this complex area. We have expert local knowledge of the laws, and their application, which can change from area to area in the UK. We can ensure that the correct amount or discount is agreed with local government before making payment.


Payments to Landlords

SMART has extensive experience in dealing with estate agents and landlords. In general, a payment of one months rent and a further months rent must be paid prior to moving into an apartment. In some areas of the country a 6 month advance payment is required, or a larger financial bond. Most newly arrived students find this confusing and have insufficient funds on arrival to meet the demands of a large financial bond payable in advance. SMART can deal directly with landlords and upon your instruction, ensure that the appropriate payment is made to the landlord quickly and efficiently, thus allowing your employee, student or executive immediate access to the accommodation. After your employee selects the accommodation, SMART can take over and ensure that all paperwork is satisfactorily completed, and if SMART is paying the landlords directly, we can act as a guarantor for a company-let.